Browser - software that provides ability to view "pages" on the world wide web (www).

Remote Access - accessing email or other SCDC systems from home by either "dialing in" or by using the internet

Microsoft Outlook - a software package, installed on your PC at work, that is used to allow employees to send and receive internet email, keep track of their calendar and tasks; often referred to as "personal information manager" software.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access - an internet web page that runs on SCDC's computer "server". This software allows employees to access email and calendar from home without having to install any software (other than a browser) on their home PC.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) - an organization that provides access to the internet. In most cases (for example, AOL, MSN) the consumer pays a monthly fee that grants them access to the internet using the public telephone network. a telephone number that they "connect" to using a modem.

Network Userid - This is the name of the account established for you on SCDC Windows NT local area network. The "network userid" is what you enter immediately after starting your personal computer at work. Entering your network userid and password gives you secure access to files on your PC, on the server and to Microsoft Outlook (email, calendar, etc.).

Mainframe Userid - This is the name of the account established for you on SCDC mainframe system. You enter your "mainframe userid" and password in order to access the mainframe system. Your mainframe userid and password most likely differs from your network userid and password.

SCDC is not responsible for providing employees with internet access at home and will not reimburse employees for expenses related to internet service or home personal computer equipment.

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