The Department of Corrections has twenty-one institutions and they are categorized into four distinct security levels: high security (level 3), medium security (level 2), minimum security (level 1B) and community-based pre-release/work centers (level 1A). The architectural design of the institution, type of housing, operational procedures, and the level of security staffing determine an institution´s security level. Inmates are assigned to institutions to meet their specific security, programming, medical, educational, and work requirements.

LEVEL 1-A (L1-A)
Level 1-A facilities are community-based pre-release/work centers that house minimum-security non-violent inmates who are within 36 months of release. These units are work and program oriented, providing intensive specialized programs that prepare the inmates for release to the community. Housing is mainly double bunk, open-bay wards with unfenced perimeters.

LEVEL 1-B (L1-B)
Level 1-B institutions are minimum-security facilities that house inmates with relatively short sentences or time to serve. Housing is mainly double bunk cubicles with unfenced perimeters. Operational procedures at Level 1-B facilities impart a higher level of security compared to level 1-A facilities.

LEVEL 2 (L2)
Level 2 facilities are medium-security institutions. Housing is primarily double bunk, cell type with some institutions having double-bunk cubicles. With single fenced perimeters and electronic surveillance, level 2 institutions provide a higher level of security than level 1 facilities.

LEVEL 3 (L3)
Level 3 facilities are high-security institutions designed primarily to house violent offenders with longer sentences, and inmates who exhibit behavioral problems. Housing consists of single and double cells, and all perimeters are double-fenced with extensive electronic surveillance. Inmates at level 3 facilities are closely supervised and their activities and movement within the institution are highly restricted.


P. O. Box 21787
4444 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Livesay Correctional Institution
Level 1
"A" Camp formerly Livesay PRC (L1-A)
"B" Camp formerly Northside CI (L1-B)
George Dodkin, Warden
104 Broadcast Drive
Spartanburg, SC 29303
803-734-1375 or 864-594-4915
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 580
Una, SC 29378

Allendale Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 2
McKendley Newton, Warden
1057 Revolutionary Trail
Fairfax, SC 29827
803-632-2561 or 803-734-0653
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 1151
Fairfax. SC 29827

MacDougall Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 1
Edsel T. Taylor, Warden
1516 Old Gilliard Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472
843-688-5251 or 803-737-3036
or 843-875-0880

Broad River Correctional Institution (L3)
Region 2
Michael Stephan, Warden
4460 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Manning Reentry/Work Release Center (L1-B)
Region 2
Lisa Engram, Warden
502 Beckman Drive
Columbia, SC 29203

Evans Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 1
Donnie Stonebreaker, Jr., Warden
610 Highway 9 West
Bennettsville, SC 29512
843-479-4181 or 803-896-4900

McCormick Correctional Institution (L3)
Region 1
Charles Williams, Jr., Warden
386 Redemption Way
McCormick, SC 29899
864-443-2114 or 803-734-0330

Goodman Correctional Institution (L1-B)
Level 1
Jannita Gaston, Warden
4556 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Palmer Pre-Release Center (L1-A)
Level 1
Joseph McFadden, Warden
2012 Pisgah Road
Florence, SC 29501
843-661-4770 or 803-734-9487

Graham (Camille Griffin) Correctional
(Women L2)
Region 2
Marian Boulware, Warden
4450 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Perry Correctional Institution (L3)
Region 2
Scott Lewis, Warden
430 Oaklawn Road
Pelzer, SC 29669

Kershaw Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 2
(vacant), Warden
4848 Goldmine Highway
Kershaw, SC 29067

Ridgeland Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 1
LeVern Cohen, Warden
5 Correctional Road
Ridgeland, SC 29936
803-896-3200 or 843-726-6888
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 2039
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Kirkland Reception and
Evaluation Center
Region 1
Terrie Wallace, Warden
4344 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Trenton Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 2
Evonne Willingham, Warden
84 Greenhouse Road
Trenton, SC 29847
803-896-3000 or 803-278-0010

Leath Correctional Institution
Region 2
(Women L2)
Patricia Yeldell, Warden
2809 Airport Road
Greenwood, SC 29649
803-896-1000 or 864-229-5709

Turbeville Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 1
Richard Cothran, Warden
1578 Clarence Coker Hwy
Turbeville, SC 29162
843-659-4800 or 803-896-3100

Lee Correctional Institution (L3)
Region 1
Kenneth Nelsen, Warden
990 Wisacky Highway
Bishopville, SC 29010
803-428-2800 or 803-896-2400

Tyger River Correctional Institution (L2)
Region 2
Barry Tucker, Warden
100-200 Prison Road
Enoree, SC 29335
803-896-3501 or 803-896-3601

Lieber Correctional Institution (L3)
Region 1
Randall Williams, Warden
136 Wilborn Avenue
P.O. Box 205
Ridgeville, SC 29472
843-875-3332 or 803-896-3700

Wateree River Correctional
Region 1
Donald Beckwith, Jr., Warden
Highway 261
Rembert, SC 29128
803-432-6191 or 803-896-3400
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 189
Rembert, SC 29128