Legislative Audit Council

The Legislative Audit Council began its review of the S.C. Department of Corrections in the fall of 2007. In May of 2008, the Legislative Audit Council announced plans for an employee survey that it eventually dropped. Documents listed below include correspondence between SCDC and the Legislative Audit Council, multiple drafts of the survey and messages sent to SCDC employees about the survey:

  • Letter From LAC Explaining Plans for Survey
  • A Draft of Survey Introduction Sent From LAC to SCDC
  • First Draft of Actual Survey
  • Response from SCDC to LAC
  • LAC Response Back to SCDC
  • Second Draft of LAC Survey
  • Second Letter from SCDC to LAC
  • LAC E-mail Alerting SCDC Employees to Survey
  • LAC Message on SCDC Internal Mainframe With Same Survey Message
  • Letter from SCDC Director Jon Ozmint to Agency Employees
  • Letter From University of South Carolina Professor to LAC
  • Letter From LAC to SCDC
  • Letter from SCDC to LAC