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Key Personnel by Organization
Contacts by Service Needs
Organizational Chart

Key Personnel by Organization
  Office of the Director  
  Agency Director   Bryan P. Stirling   803-896-8555
  Executive Assistant   Dayne Haile   803-896-8555
  Ombudsman   803-896-9409
        Medical Concerns   803-896-8547
  Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant
  to the Director
  Dexter Lee   803-896-1731
        *Communications Director   Chrysti Shain   803-896-1490
  Deputy Director of Legal and Compliance   Salley Elliott   803-896-8508
  Compliance, Standards & Inspections   Blake Taylor   803-896-8502
  Information Security and Privacy   Joe Merrifield   803-896-6584
  Occupational Safety & Worker´s   Compensation   Russell Rush   803-896-1628
  Audit Manager   Iris McNeil   803-896-2363
  PREA Coordinator   Kenneth L. James   803-896-6436
  Quality Improvement & Risk Management   Donna Strong   803-896-4038
  Criminal Prosecution   Stephen Lunsford   803-896-4355
  General Counsel   Bart Vincent   803-896-8508
        *ADA Coordinator & Agency
        Records Retention Manager
  David Martinez   803-896-4138
        *Inmate Grievances   Felecia McKie   803-896-1773
        *Inmate Mail Services   Kanzora Robinson   803-896-4354
        *Policy Development   Sandra Bowie   803-896-2385
  Deputy Director of Administration   Thomas Osmer   803-896-1744
  Budget & Finance   Scott Ludlam   803-896-2250
  Information Technology   Sandee Sprang   803-896-8526
  Prison Industries   Richard Hodgkiss   803-896-8516
  Support Services   Richard Hodgkiss
  Transportation   Isaiah Gray   803-896-1209
  Agriculture   Rick Doran, Jr.   803-896-3467
  Human Resources   
  Director for Human Resources   Jessica T. Lovelace   803-896-9630
  Human Resources   Donnette Jeffcoat   803-896-1646
  Recruiting and Employment   Renwick (Mac) McNeil   803-896-1653
  Procurement   Ruthie Bishop   803-896-8533
  Medical Services   
  Medical Services Administrator   Daniel Mullins, BSN, RN   803-896-8184
  Region 1 Physician   Jacques Days, MD   803-896-2124
  Region 2 Physician   Stacy Smith, MD   803-896-1471
  Division Director of Health Administration   Kimberely Yon   803-896-1737
  Division Director of Health Information   Tina Blakely-Huggins, RN   803-896-2965
  Division Director of Institutional Administrative Medical Services   Aurrah Rodgers, MSA   803-896-8604
  Division Director of Dental Services   Floyd Nicholson, DMD   803-896-0753
  Division Director of Nursing   Wanda Sermons, RN   803-896-1416
  Division Director of Infectious Disease Management   Melanie Davis, MT (ASCP), CCHP   803-896-5157
  Division Director of Pharmacy Services   Wendy Knox, PharmD   803-896-7696
  Division Director of Clinical Support Services   Latrise Lowery   803-896-0128
  Division Director of Community Medical Outreach Services   Shekena Peeples, MA, LPC, MHA, CTCT, CBHC-BS, CMHFA   803-896-0152
  Division Director of Continuous Quality Improvement   Kristjan Dee   803-896-5157
  Division Director of Laboratory Services   John Bonaparte   803-896-2056
  Behavioral Health   
  Deputy Director of Behavioral Health   Chris Kunkle, PsyD   803-896-1238
  Assistant Deputy Director of Behavioral Health   Stephanie Skewes, PsyD   803-896-1238
  Director of Mental Health Svcs— Males   Liz Labrador   803-896-8573
  Director of Mental Health Svcs — Females   Prentiss Meyers   803-896-1587
  Addictions Recovery   Gregory Mason, MBA   803-896-4086
  Chief of Psychiatry   Andrew W. Hedgepath, M.D.   803-896-8843
  Chief Psychologist   John Taylor, PhD   803-896-0153
  Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services   
  Deputy Director of Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services   Jake Gadsden, Jr.   803-896-1235
  Assistant Deputy Director   Rita Crapps   803-896-1917
  Assistant Deputy Director   Peggy Murvin   803-896-1235
  Assistant Deputy Director   Lisa Engram   803-896-2384
  Education   Cynthia Cash-Greene   803-896-1583
  Inmate Services   Sharon Patterson   803-896-8558
  Reentry   Stephanie Donaldson   803-896-9098
  Victim Services   Karin Ho   803-896-1733
  Deputy Director of Operations   Joel Anderson   803-896-8540
  Assistant Deputy Director of Operations   Dennis Patterson   803-896-8540
  Director of Special Projects - Operations   Joseph “Tony” Stines   803-896-8540
  Regional Director, Region 1   Randall L. Williams   803-896-8540
  Regional Director, Region 2   Willie D. Davis   803-896-8540
  Regional Director, Region 3   Julie Tennant-Caine   803-896-8540
  Classification & Inmate Records   Stacey Richardson   803-896-8551
  Security and Emergency Operations   Colie Rushton   803-896-1680
  Training & Staff Development   Tessie Smith   803-896-1208
  Retention Services   Major Carol Gardner   803-896-1663
  Visitation & Inmate Drug Testing   Maria Leggins   803-896-1679
  Visitation Hotline   Voicemail   803-896-1838
  Young Offender Parole & Reentry Services (YOPRS)   Nikeya Chavous   803-896-1777
  Food Services   Jesse Schopf   803-896-2177
  Facilities Management   Jason Lyles   803-896-1246
 Office of Inspector General
  Inspector General   Frank Kelley   803-896-4766
  Deputy Inspector General   Wade Fleming   803-896-4766
  Chief - Administration, Training, and Special Projects   David Hagan   803-896-5214
  Chief - Special Investigations   (vacant)   803-896-8507
  Chief - Intelligence and Forensic Analysis   Enrique Curiel   803-896-1253
  Chief - Accreditation   Jeffrey L. Bowers   803-896-8507
  Chief - Investigative Regions   Laura Casares   803-896-8507
Contacts by Service Needs
  Accounts Payable 
  Payment Inquiry   803-896-1907
  Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse
  Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Line   803-896-5398
  Classification and Inmate Records
  Detainer Notification   803-896-8531
  Hardship Transfer   803-896-8551
  Locating an inmate   803-896-8531
  Requesting Records   803-896-8531
  Conducting Research in SCDC
  Requests for Statistics/Computer files   803-896-8526
  Media requests to interview inmates or employees   803-896-1490
  Applying for a job   803-896-1649
  Inmate Correspondence   803-896-4354
  Inmate Finance
  Cooper Trust Fund   803-896-1353
  Inmate Telephone
  Checking blocks placed on your phone  866-230-7761
  Blocking inmate access to your phone  803-896-1759
  Prison Industries
  Obtaining a catalogue   1-800-922-8121
  Locating industries within the department   803-896-8516
  Public Awareness
  Public Awareness Line   803-896-1846
  Purchase Orders   803-896-8533
  Visitation Inquiry Line   803-896-1838
  Victim Services
  Victim Services   803-896-1733
  Automated Victim Notification System (VINE)   1-866-727-2846
  Victim Registration   1-800-835-0304