"Thanks for giving our young people a look at what their future holds if they continue to break the law"

"Made us think differently about prison, inmates, and our own behavior"

"Provided our students an experience unlike any other...grateful for such a program"

Statements such as these reinforce the South Carolina Department of Corrections' decision in 1992 to implement the crime prevention program entitled Operation Behind Bars in nine prisons across the state.

The "Operation Behind Bars" program utilizes a more realistic approach rather than intimidation or scare tactics. The program is targeted toward young adults, and allows them to tour a prison facility and then hear inmates give realistic accounts of actions that led to their criminal behavior, the effects of incarceration on themselves and their families as well as the impact of their crime on the victims and the community, and day-to-day life in prison.

This program is offered as a public service to the citizens of South Carolina and is free of charge. To participate, the following guidelines must be met:
       1.  You must be at least 14 years old
       2.  Have a picture ID
       3.  Appropriate attire
       4.  Sign a SCDC Release of Liability form

To schedule participation in the Operation Behind Bars program, please contact the institution located closest to you and discuss tour dates with the institution's Operation Behind Bars coordinator.
Allendale Correctional Institution
Sgt. Cheryl Dickerson
803-734-0653 or 803-632-2561
MacDougall Correctional Institution
Sgt. Charles Turbide
803-737-3036 or 843-688-5251
Evans Correctional Institution
Assoc. Warden Katurah Gause
803-896-4900 or 843-479-4181
Perry Correctional Institution
Lt. Brent Blakeley
803-995-4040 or 864-243-4700
Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution
Lt. Moldavia Canada (primary)
Administrative Capt. Anita Stevens, (secondary)
Trenton Correctional Institution
Lt. Angela Murrell and
Sgt. Reginal Weavers
803-896-3000/3035 or 3073
Kershaw Correctional Institution
Lt. Derek Danley
803-896-3393 or 803-475-5770
Wateree River Correctional Institution
Assoc. Warden Christine Long
Leath Correctional Institution
Sgt. Debra Anderson
For more information about the S. C. Department of Corrections crime prevention efforts, contact:

Captain Angela E. Williams
Public Awareness Programs Manager
Division of Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services
(803) 896-1846
E-mail:  Williams.Angela@doc.state.sc.us