The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) is committed to upholding the intent and the letter of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Only those records or information defined as "public records" and not excluded under Section 30-4-40 of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act will be released to the requestor. With the exception of requests pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. 30-4-30 (d), SCDC requires individuals requesting information under the FOIA to submit their request in writing to SCDC's FOIA Coordinator. Written requests must include the following:

•   A simple description of the requested information
•   The name, address, and phone number of the person making the request.

Written FOIA requests can be mailed to or emailed to:
     FOIA Coordinator
     Office of General Counsel
     South Carolina Department of Corrections
     Post Office Box 21787
     Columbia, SC 29221-1787

Please note: SCDC may require a deposit and will charge a fee as permitted by S.C. Code § 30-4-30(B) for all record production. Payment may be required prior to production. SCDC will charge a per page fee for any records produced in hardcopy of $0.10 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies. In accordance with S.C. Code § 30-4-30(C), redactions may be made pursuant to applicable exemptions. SCDC will also charge $18.95 an hour for the search, retrieval, and redaction of records. This rate may be subject to change in some situations but will always be based on the salary of the lowest paid employee with the skill and training necessary to complete the task as is required by S.C. Code § 30-4-30(B).